The Little Things She Needs


Really excited for this post just because I always loved seeing other’s post what’s in their bag so I decided to do it myself too :P

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Day 16-20

Best meals of the week. The sun-dried tomato and pesto pasta tastes the best out of all the meals. I wish I could recreate it at home kasi sobrang sarap talaga. This week was such a stuggle since I’m craving for ALL KINDS OF FOOD. I tend to buy merienda ALWAYS huhuhu what self discipline :—(

Decided to try a different store (?) for next week. Mejj naumay ako sa yummydiet. Huhu

Also.. me and my paandar friend discovered something new about clean eating/diet/work out chuchu. Excited to try it this coming weeks!! Hihi

Day 11-15

Best meals of the week. Orders got messed up during tuesday/wednesday. Rider got confused and mixed up on the day delivery with the day before delivery. Ate the same thing for tuesday and wednesday :( Plus this week was such a struggle since its those times of the month where I want to eat practically anything.

Our Biggest Loser competition ends on Friday, August 1. I may not win atleast I still lost weight. And I just joined for fun. Hihi

Hello day 10!

Hahahaha didn’t like the food that was delivered today :( For dinner we ate at The Burgery. Their rice meals/pasta was damn good! Plus it’s cheaper than Banapple but same size of serving ;)

Day 8/Day 9

Lost track of the days!!! Huhu. Really got confused also because 2 meals were labeled as dinner hahaha the dinner tasted funky because the greens was raw cabbage? :(

Best Meal: Breakfast. YAAAY FOR TOFU BURGER!