Sooo, techinically my birthday falls on a Good Friday. Well sanay na ako. April celebrants would know the feeling na sometime in your life tatapat sa holy week yung birthday mo, and you just have to be okay with that. Lol.

Papa wasn’t home with Mom and Me so we just had a very small kainan. Hindi din naman kami makakapag-celeb din ng bonggz kasi nga Good Friday. For the past years, it has always been our long-time kasambahay who cooks the food but now that everything was not as before, ako na nagluluto. And I don’t find my cooking really uh okay? HAHAHAHA Mom said it tastes good but well, she’s my mom. Anything I cook is okay. Hahahahaha. We had Tunna Penne Pasta, Lemon Butter Fish, and mom bought Mango Pie well para daw may cake man lang ako. I don’t even like cake, Mom. Haha

Toast to being 22!!!!!! T____T HUHU more responsibilities, more life changing moments, more blessings and hopefully more beginnings. :)


Since I not getting any younger, I will try my best to really get into the “getting fit” lifestyle :—( Forever veggies na ba ito (tho I don’t really have to complain since I love my veggies) but I don’t even know if I could make it hahahaha :P 

Photo (Food) Dump

Basically, dumping here all the pig out sesh/cheat days I had with my friends. Still so many restaurants on my list to try out but I’m happy I get to cross out a few (Eleven restaurants already, March palang!!!) :P

E N J O Y !

Nolita @ BGC

I ordered Chicken Parmesan which was according to them was the best seller. Big a$$ slice tho the crust was a bit tough :| I like eating the crust so I was a bit disappointed. Also I find it a little bit pricey :) Friend ordered Buffalo Blue Cheese something, I can’t really remember which was good too!

Cafe Lidia @ Marikina

My friend celebrated her birthday here so we (actually “they” pala kasi birthday treat lang hehe) ordered so many many food I lost track of what I particularly had. But this Penne Bacon something was really good. Plus the Carbonara. Hihi

Watami @ MOA

Also forgot th name of what I ordered but as far as I know this is the only Ramen on the menu. Not the best but it was okay. Their Kimchi Rice was the bomb tho!!!! 

Recovery Food @ BGC

Ordered the famous Tapa de Morning and I instantly fell in love. Hihi. Plus the atchara on the side i love it so much I can literally survive eating only the atchara and brown rice. Ow, they have an option if you want your rice brown or white. Syempre I had brown rice kasi kunyare diet ako. Their Dalandan Juice was dayuum good too!

Momo Cafe @ Ayala Triangle

This Tapa Fries is so addicting. I can’t even describe how it tastes like pero yung may nangangata kang beef after mong manguya yung fries and oh my gosh cheese and mayo over the fries. Just the best :”)

Slappy Cakes @ The Block, SM North

Really not a fan of breakfast food :| But I ordered this Classic Breakfast and skipped the pancakes because nauumay ako agad huhu sorry. I like the mango syrup over the toasted bread tho!! 

JiPan @ Glorietta 

If I’m not mistaken this is the Chasu Ramen and it was just meh. Nothing special. Sabaw and noodles :| Their Miso Soup was good tho. Bumawi nalang don.

Yabu @ SM Aura 

MENCHI KATSU for the win. The cheese inside is just divine. Hahahahha. Syempre arte arte ulit brown rice ulit and lola mo.

Bronuts @ SM Aura (P.S they don’t have a permanent place/booth, I suggest you just follow them on twitter for details)

Ultimate cheat/comfort food huhu Cream Cheese and Bacon :—-( Too damn goooooddd!!!

Ukokkei Ramen Ron @ Mckinley 

The 3 times I have dined in Ukokkei I always get the Miso Butter Corn. No regrets because it’s that good ♥

Sakae Sushi @ MOA (Sorry I don’t have a photo of the actual food we ate :|) 

A little info on our visit here, the unli sushi comes with Unli Green Tea and 1 serving of Miso Soup. The soup i had a piece of scotchbrite in it. I literally was able to chew it because I was not aware that it has such thing huhu Atleast I know nililinisan nila yung mga gamit don :| Back to the food, I particularly love the sushi/maki with loads of corn on top. I can’t find the name of it on the menu tho :|

Still so many restaurants I have to try haha and yes, I have to work on my photography skillz plus trying to remember what I ordered~ HAHAHA

This weeek…

I am currently


  • Actually re-watched Sherlock just because everything is so bitin. I hope the next Season will push through this year :—(


  • Well diet diet-an ang lola mo so I bought Twinings Fruit Tea (thanks to my friend Lady for introducing me to it) and lots and lots of oats, cereals and revel bars. 


  • Charotera feeling singer~ Well, Pharrell’s album G I R L is so damn good!!! Marilyn Monroe and Come Get It Bae would probably my fave.


  • Last book I read was TFIOS, but I should probably finish Paper Towns. Had it as a present last Christmas up to now di padin nasisimulan HEH And I wan’t t buy Reboot so bad pero ang mahal HAHAHAH

Excited for

  • SUMMER SYEMPRE kahit di pa ready yung katawan ko charatz~
  • Next Sesh of Muay Thai. LoLz ang layo po kasi ng Katipunan wala akong kasama if I choose a different location :—-(

(Not) Excited for

  • Well…. Summer as in the heat na tipong abot 36-38 huhu good thing is North Pole lvlz sa Office but who wants to stay in the office for a long time :P

Testing (?)

Hi. I’m Joan (J o w n ~)

I like food. A lot. 

Just trying out new things hihi I hope I get the hang of this blogging thingy :P