The Burgery

Had dinner for 2 straight nights at The Burgery lol

I ordered Fish and Chips/Fish and Fries on our first dinner. Nothing special. Tastes like any other fish and chips I’ve tried. My teammates ordered other rice meal such as Chicken Parmigiana, Crispy Bacon with Rice, Buttermilk Chicken and BBQ Pork Belly. The Crispy Bacon Rice is just the best. Fatty I know but hey, It’s totally worth the try. 

On the 2nd night I had Chicken Parmigiana which was okay too. It tasted good but not the type I’d order again. It comes with rice and ceasar salad. My bestfriend had BBQ Pork Belly which I recommended to him since I was shocked to see 4 big slices of Liempo when my teammate ordered it the other night. Sabi ko pa sulit kasi it’s only P178. Sadly when my bestfriend had it the serving was more on pure fat. He didn’t really like it since the meat portion was really small. We both enjoyed the Nachos more than our main meal. Gone in 60 seconds ang peg namin sa Nachos. Lol

We wanted to have Melona for desert on our way back to the office but we’re just too full and too umay :(


Me and my friend Jared went to Eastwood to meet our friends Lady and Aaron to have dinner and somewhat a “despedida” before Lady leaves for Germany. YASS~ kala mo di na babalik! Haha

Lady and I were the ones very very excited just because of the food we were planning to have that night. Haha. We had dinner at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast plus we ordered take out at Go Salads just because clean eating (!!!) I wish they we had better food selection at Mckinley. Please transfer me to Eastwood already. C h o s

We ordered Sweet Caroline from Go Salads which was one of their best sellers. It has Lettuce, Sundried Tomatoes, Walnuts, Parmesan Cheese and Honey Balsamic dressing. All for a P100 which was a great deal. The amount is just right for any meal of the day because it’s really filling. The sauce tho has a little kick because it’s too sweet for me. They also have different kinds of tea, smoothies, hummus with pita bread, nuts, they even sell their salad dressings in bottles. I wish they had more branches around the Metro :(


And for our main event we tried Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. Haha. It was such a hype, so we gave in. Suprisingly the place wasn’t full and we immediately had seats. The orders didn’t take a lot of time preparing which was okay too since we were already starving.


Lady ordered French Toast with Bacon, P99


Aaron had Pork Belly, P99


Jared had Vigan Longganisa, P99


I had Hash Brown, Eggs Benedict and Tomato Pesto, P99


Aaron and Lady ordered extra Eggs Benedict, P99

All in all the food was great no regrets or whatsoever. Hahahaha what clean eating.

Went to the Bazaar after eating to buy something~ something~ then went home after. Twas nice seeing friends and having to catch up eventho we didn’t ended up catching up since all we did was eat. HAHA



See you after a month madam! Enjoy Germany! Have fun with all the berries and yogurt you could eat. Haha

The Little Things She Needs


Really excited for this post just because I always loved seeing other’s post what’s in their bag so I decided to do it myself too :P

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Day 16-20

Best meals of the week. The sun-dried tomato and pesto pasta tastes the best out of all the meals. I wish I could recreate it at home kasi sobrang sarap talaga. This week was such a stuggle since I’m craving for ALL KINDS OF FOOD. I tend to buy merienda ALWAYS huhuhu what self discipline :—(

Decided to try a different store (?) for next week. Mejj naumay ako sa yummydiet. Huhu

Also.. me and my paandar friend discovered something new about clean eating/diet/work out chuchu. Excited to try it this coming weeks!! Hihi

Day 11-15

Best meals of the week. Orders got messed up during tuesday/wednesday. Rider got confused and mixed up on the day delivery with the day before delivery. Ate the same thing for tuesday and wednesday :( Plus this week was such a struggle since its those times of the month where I want to eat practically anything.

Our Biggest Loser competition ends on Friday, August 1. I may not win atleast I still lost weight. And I just joined for fun. Hihi